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In coincidental sequence:

Invito alla libertà - di Mooji in italiano

Basic training in One-Moment Meditation

Krishna Mohini Dwivedi 

Frank Kinslow: Stop Your Thoughts

Mantra and Transcendental Meditation explained by Maharishi

Transcendental Meditation: Mechanics of the technique

Maharishi: The origin of thought

Maharishi: Knowledge of the Knower

Inner and outer life - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

What is the Science of Creative Intelligence? - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Byron Katie

1st Samadhi Experience of Nithyananda

OSHO: Compassion - The Ultimate Flowering of Love

Satsang mit Pyar Troll 2007 zum Thema
"Gelebte Weisheit"

Interview mit Gangaji
Der Ruf nach Hause

Satsang mit Samarpan Pfingsten 2007
Die Videos mit Samarpan wurden beim Rainbow-Spirit-Festival aufgenommen.

Spirituelles Online TV. Satsang und Interviews mit
Isaac Shapiro,
Pyar Troll,
Karl Renz,
Madhukar ..

Geniale Seite!

Ego Where to Use - by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Art of Living Course for Prison Inmates
The revolutionary Art of Living Prison Programme,
designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,
has released 150 000 prisoners
from stress and anger, and violence and drug dependencies.

Value of Singing by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Satsang Premananda - Ramana Maharshi's Teachings - Trailer

Gangaji -  I am not speaking of Exclusion

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee "Inner Work" - Irina Tweedie

Night Zikr at the Dargah of Inayat Khan

What meditation really is - Sogyal Rinpoche

Sri Swami Vishwananda singing

Himalayan Yogi Mahavatar Babaji - Teachings of Babaji

Ken Wilber: Increased Consciousness, Decreased Suffering

Pema Chödrön - "Practicing Peace in Times of War."

Journey After Awakening / Adyashanti & Loch Kelly


Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution - Part 1 of 2

Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution - Part 2 of 2

Talk with Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisargadatta Maharaj and Bhagawan Nityananda

Gangaji - What's my core message?

Swami Bhagawan Nityananda's rare video

Satsang mit Samarpan - Thema Hier-Sein

Satsang mit Samarpan 1

The essence of Buddhism - Sogyal Rinpoche

Looking for the elephant's footprints ?- Sogyal Rinpoche

The Purpose of Life - Sogyal Rinpoche

Meditation - Sogyal Rinpoche

How to Know God - Deepak Chopra

A Balanced Life - Deepak Chopra - Part 1

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra about his book "The Love Poems of Rumi".

Deepak Chopra discusses religion, cyberspace and spiritual health

Ken Wilber Stops His Brain Waves

Ken Wilber - Anchoring I-Amness

Ken Wilber on Seeking Enlightenment

The Gary Null Show - Professor Ervin Laszlo - 1

The Gary Null Show - Professor Ervin Laszlo - 2

Do We Have The Ability To Feel Others?

Critical Mass

Toward Integral Consciousness

What the Bleep Do We Know?

What The Bleep Do We Know ?! Intro trailer compilation

What The Bleep Do We Know--Addiction Clip

Beloved Hazrat Inayat Khan / Great Spirit Come

At the Dargahs of Hazrat Inayat Khan and of Pir Vilayat Khan

"Omega's Visionary Cofounder: PIR VILAYAT KHAN"

You Are Oneness - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The Dalai Lama in Diskussion with Otto Schily

Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (1871-1953),
master of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Awakening - Gangaji - Swami Shankarananda -
Swami Chetanananda . . . . .

Swami Chetanananda: Awakening of Kundalini

Bede Griffiths

Pema Chödrön - "Common Tactics of Aggression"

Pema Chödrön - Who is Milarepa?

Pema Chödrön & Richard Reoch "Memorial Day Tonglin"

OSHO: Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy.

OSHO: MEDITATION for Contemporary People

OSHO: Emotional Wellness - Almost Drunk With Emotion

Living Naqshbandi Sufi Master Shaykh Nazim

What is Real Love - A Sufi Perspective

Real Knowledge- Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani

Paramahansa Yogananda Sleep

Power of Discrimination

Sundararupaya - Sathya Sai Baba darshan video

Sathya Sai Baba singing "Govinda Krishna Jay" Bhajan

Mahatma Gandhi Talks 2

Mahatma Gandhi - "Bapu"

Mother Mata Amritananda Mayi - Amma's interview with Alan Steinfeld

Ultima messa di Padre Pio

Swami Shankarananda: The Great Being Within Us


May all beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness;
May all be free from sorrow, and the causes of sorrow;
May all never be separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless;
And may all live in equanimity, without too much attachment and too much aversion,
And live believing in the equality of all that lives.

Ta musique incite mon âme à danser; 
j'entends Ta flûte dans le murmure du vent; 
les vagues de la mer conservent le rythme de Tes pas dansants.
A travers toute la nature, j'entends jouer Ta musique mon Bien-Aimé; 
tout en dansant, mon âme chante sa joie.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Deine Musik regt mich zum Tanzen an; 
im Säuseln des Windes vernehme ich Dein Flötenspiel; 
die Wogen des Meeres bewahren den Rhythmus Deiner tanzenden Schritte. 
In der ganzen Natur vernehm'ich Deine Musik, 
mein Geliebter; im Tanze verkündet meine Seele in Liedern ihre Freude.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Thy music causeth my soul to dance;
in the murmur of the wind I hear Thy flute;
the waves of the sea keep the rhythm of my dancing steps.
Through the whole of nature I hear Thy music played, my Beloved;
my soul while dancing speaketh of its joy in song.

My soul is moved to dance by the charm of Thy graceful movements,
and my heart beateth the rhythm of Thy dancing steps.
The deep impression of Thy sweet countenance, O Winner of my heart, covereth all visible
things from my sight.
My heart repeateth a thousand times the melody Thou playest on Thy flute;
it setteth my soul in harmony with the whole universe.

Thou pourest wine into my empty cup wherever we meet,
on hills and dales, on the tops of the high mountains,
in the thick forests and in the barren deserts,
on the shores of the roaring sea and on the banks of the gentle river;
and there ariseth in my heart the unearthly passion and the heavenly joy.

Thou hast won my heart a thousand times over;
Thou comest veiled under many and varied guises, and in every guise Thou art unique.
Who is not attracted by the splendor Thou hast so skillfully produced on the face of the earth?
In this beauty fair Thou shinest, adorned in myriad garbs.
Thine own is all the beauty, and Thou shinest and yet are not Thyself attracted by it.
Thou in this stage of life actest as friend and foe,
and Thou alone seest the play performed so wonderfully.
I sought Thee so long, my Beloved, and now I have found Thee at last, O Winner of my heart,
and in finding Thee I have lost myself.

Let me feel Thine arms around me, my Beloved, while I am wandering away from home.
Let my heart become Thy lute.
Hearing Thy song my soul cometh to life.
Let my virgin soul dance at Thy court, my Indra; the passion it hath is for Thee alone.
O, let me lean my head on Thy breast; Thine arms enfolding me, my feet touch paradise.

Wherever I look, I see Thy beloved face, covered under many different veils.
The magic power of my ever-seeking eyes lifted the veil from Thy glowing countenance,
and Thy smile won my heart a thousand times over.
The lustre of Thy piercing glance hath lighted my darkened soul,
and now I see the sunshine everywhere.
In the brightness of day and in the darkness of night what didst Thou not teach me!
Thou hast taught me what is meant by wrong and what is called right.
Thou hast shown me the hideous face of life,
and Thou hast unveiled before me life's beautiful countenance.
Thou hast taught me wisdom out of utter darkness of ignorance.
Thou has taught me to think after my thoughtless moments.
Thou playest with me, my Beloved Lord and Master, hide and seek!
Thou closest mine eyes and Thou dost open them.

When we are face to face, Beloved, I do not know whether to call Thee me, or me Thee!
I see myself when Thou art not before me; when I see Thee my self is lost to view.
I consider it good fortune when Thou art alone with me,
but when I am not there at all, I think it the greatest blessing.

Thy whisper to the ears of my heart moveth my soul to ecstasy.
The waves of joy that rise out of my heart form a net in which Thy living Word may swing.
My heart patiently awaiteth Thy Word, deaf to all that cometh from without.
O Thou, who art enshrined in my heart, speak again to me; Thy voice exalteth my spirit.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

As long as space endures,
And as long as sentence beings exist,
May I, too, remain,
To dispel the misery, of the world.

Aussi longtemps qu'existera l'espace,
Aussi longtemps qu'il y aura des étres,
Puissé-je moi aussi demeurer
Pour dissiper la douleur du monde

So lange der Raum besteht,
so lange es lebende Wesen gibt,
Möge auch ich hier verbleiben
um das Leiden der Welt zu lindern

Komm, komm wer du auch bist, Vagant, Anbeter, Flüchtling.
Es hat keine Wichtigkeit
Unsere Karawane ist nicht eine der Verzweiflung.
Unsere Karawane ist eine des unendlichen Glücks.
Komm, auch wenn du deine Vorsätze tausend mal gebrochen hast.
Komm, komm wieder. Komm !
Jallaluddin Rumi

Yoga bringt den Geist zur Ruhe.
Dann ruht der Sehende in seiner wahren Natur.
Sonst identifiziert sich der Sehende mit den veränderlichen Inhalten des Geistes.

Den Schatz den ich fand, kann nicht mit Worten beschrieben werden.
Der Geist kann ihn nicht fassen.
Mein Geist fiel wie ein Hagelkorn in die riesige Weite des Bewusstseins.
Als ich einen Tropfen davon berührte, schmolz ich hinweg und wurde eins mit dem Absoluten.
Und selbst nun, da ich zum menschlichen Bewusstsein zurückkehre,
sehe ich nichts, höre ich nichts, das nicht göttlich ist.
Ich weiss, dass nichts von mir verschieden ist.

Nada te turbe, nada te espante:
quien a Dios tiene, nada le falta.
Nada te turbe, nada te espante.
Sólo Dios basta.
Santa Teresa de Avila

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Videos of Spiritual Masters

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