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Government of Orissa State Registration  Certificate

No.20,853/189 of 1999-2000

I here by  certify that  SERVANTS OF HUMANITY  " SOHUM"
At :-- DL-A/25. V.S.S. Nagar,  P.O:--Vani Vihar,  Bhubaneswar, Dist:--
Khurda, Pin:-- 751004,  Orissa. Has this day been registered under  the
Societies Registration Act ( No XXI of 1860).

Given under my hand at Cuttack
this Twenty third day of march Two thousand.

Seal (Initial of Govt. Officer)
Registrar of Societies




The name of the Society shall be "SERVANT S OF HUMANITY"
(In abbreviation it shall be known as SOHUM)

The registered  office  of the society for the time being shall be located  
at  DL-A/25, V.S.S. Nagar, Post:-Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar-751004, ORISSA,
INDIA.  Now its area of operation are within the Orissa State Jurisdiction.


The aims, values and objectives  of  SOHUM shall to follow and  practice the
above motto by the members and spread it in the society through several
developmental projects as service to  humanity  is service to divinity.

This is a charitable organisation in the sense that the beneficiaries will
be imparted training free of  cost.
(a) To start, maintain, initiate, undertake or aid directly or through
its branches or affiliated bodies   schemes  meant for men, women and
children , who are under-privileged suffer from economic distress
illiteracy, malnutrition, social injustice and discrimination, bad health,
old age problems and such other activities concerning moral, social and
economical development of men, women and children  without distinction of
caste, colour or creed.

(b)  To specifically undertake programmes concerning  working women,
migrants, divorced, separated, destitute, exploited, illiterates and
physical deformities who are unable to earn their livelihood.
(c)  To aim at sole  development to over come economic disasters and
Government law, policy, developmental programme and their utilization.
(d)  To aim at removal of social prejudices, cultural practices without
distinction of caste, creed and colour. And also work to revive the
eliminating traditional heritage of country.
(e)  To specifically aim at improvement the status of SC, ST, minority &
other backward classes, and economically weaker section.
(f)  To aim at undertaking programmes for children below 15 years including
male and female orphaned and specially for child labour.
(g)  To specifically undertake programme for leprosy affected person's
children's health, education, rehabilitation and human values development.
(h)  To work for project concerning environmental development issue. Such as
pollution control forest conservation etc.
(i)  To aim  at working with women subjected to severe economic distress,
hardships and subjected  to immoral traffic.
(j)  To undertake  programme of health care drug-adduction, both preventive
and curative  measures concerning men, women, children and elderly.
Immunization of children and family planning measures are also included in
health care in general and un-organised labour sector of mine's slums
(k)  To aim at rehabilitative measures of men, women and children with
particular reference to handicapped both socially, economically and released
women prisoners.
(l)  To aim at providing potential rehabilitative opportunities to women,
handicapped, economically weaker, dowry-effected, abandoned, divorced,
helpless, isolated through establishment of rehabilitative women enterprise 
and likewise for men of mentally or physically  handicapped, leprosy
deformed, economically distressed. The above unity will function only for
the rehabilitation and development of the above beneficiaries within the
rules and regulations of Central and State Government.
(m)  To arrange, provide residential facilities for working women who are
divorced, isolated, specially  private sector low paid women, along with
cretch facilities for their infants with free of cost.
(n)  To undertake literacy drive for men, women and children. To prepare
audio-visual programme and material for creating awareness on various
social, health programme and issues.
(o)  To arrange, prepare, monitor, programme for youth with particular
reference to national  integrity, communal harmony, adventure trip and
awareness drive  on  AIDS, leprosy and other fatal disease.
(p)  To work for economical development of the people utilising renewable 
energy, water, land and local resources.
(q)  To undertake project for re-cycle the  industrial waste, metropolitan
waste for healthy environment.
(r)  To aim at providing healthysocial status, education and rehabilitation
to the children of  women subjected to immoral traffic.
(s)  To provide vocational training for women, children with special efforts
to cover SC, ST other backward classes & economically weaker particular
reference to slum dwelt families with free of cost to the beneficiaries.
(t)  To organise short term orientation courses, training, conferences,
workshops to  achieve skill developments of HRD. Specially to public
servants, executives and students.
(u)  To undertake research studies on  social development concerning women ,
children, youth and survey on various socioeconomic and health problem.
(v)  To aim at organising activities to secure status of human, birds and
animal rights and their protection.
(w)  To strengthen national integrity, communal harmony and universal
brotherhood, the society will conduct, co-operate and participate in several
projects and programmes on development of human values.

(l)  Acquire, receive and hold property both movable and immovable,
including securities and negotiable instruments.
(ll)  Purchase, construct, manage and alter buildings and equip them
suitably for the purpose of SOHUM.
(lll)  Enter into contact for and in connection with any or all of the
purposes of  the SOHUM.
(lV)  Raise money and funds by borrowing or otherwise as may be deemed fit
for and on behalf of SOHUM.
(V)  SOHUM will seek affiliation with any voluntary organisation of similar
social welfare work and will work with close cooperation with state Govt.
departments, Govt. of India as well as International organisations with a
view to achieve standards for welfare of women, children, youth elderly.
(Vl)  To seek apply and obtain grants, funds, subsidies assistance in cash
and kind from national and international donors and agencies, state and
central Govt. departments, corporations, boards, several commissions local
bodies, private agencies, voluntary agencies and individuals.
(Vll)  Perform all such acts as may be necessary and proper for the
achievement of any or  all of the objectives of the SOHUM.

On Going Programme Of "SOHUM"

1:-- MAHAYATRA:--  (The Great Journey)
This project initially meant for  cremation of un-claimed dead body, Capital
Hospital  authority had given their permision secondery step will be the
provision of a herase in nominal price fpr the public alony  with assistance
to poor for cremetion. Mass prayer for the departed Soul annually.
2:-- HUM EK :--  ( We are One )
A project for the development of communal Harmony in society which is
becoming  a national disaster in India, The extrime communalision in going
to be a mence for world peace. As now we feel it in opradially emeraging in
the different ponts of  world. "Sohum" is preporing this project   keeping in
view the  communal harmony in the society emphasising on childhood  through
education of  real essence of all religion
( out if orthodox / fundamentalist view )
creating friendship between children of different religion and community,
They will be the member of one family to create a
sense of  unity "One ness", One rekuguin  the  religion of LOVE,One caste
the caste of Humanity ,One language the languageof Heart, One God He is 
3:--PYRE BACHHE :--   ( Loving Littles )
The project based on  ragpicker childrens  "SOHUM" has kept a target of
convering 100 children of Bhubaneswar Industrial slums under this project
These chiledren will be under a health check-up and supply of medicine and
awareness of health. Totaly the project will work on health of rag-picking
children both curative  & educatives.
4:-- PROJECT CROW:--  "CROW"  ( Class Roomon Wheels)
Crow will work on the slum children education as first step 
Gradually it will spread to remort Tribal area.

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